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June 2019 Retail Therapy Page

(Sorry, this is possibly the smallest one ever offered !)





1. Dartmoor Unicorn and Golden Goose :)

Fine Bone China 

Glossy Finish

This one is not for sale!

l thought this was too pretty to be a "one off".

lf you would like to order one,

this mythical pair would be 

Only £155.00

excluding VAT and P&P

(Satin finish is an option)




Sorry, this one has just sold.

3. Friesian Mare 

Earthenware China

Glossy Finish,

Ravishing Roan colour,

Clay body custom with braided Mane and tail,

and blue Swarovski crystals.

Only £120.00

 excluding VAT and P&P



3. Another angle :) 


4. Vattenshowen 2018 SR

Earthenware China

Glossy Finish,

Lovely Dappled Bay TH,

with NEW charming sitting kitty.

Limited to 25 copies.

l have 1 available now for

Only £115.00

 excluding VAT and P&P





Sorry, this one has just sold. 

6. Working Hunter/Riding Pony Stallion,

Earthenware China Clay Body Custom,

Glossy Finish,

Appealing light Buckskin Pinto,

Very slight second,

Only £120.00

 excluding VAT and P&P

PS, hooves and peg are done now!



Sorry, this one has just sold. 

 7. A close up of his handsome face :) DSCF5781 

RubberNedz and Nedlets. 


 Introducing "Norman" Nedlet

Norman is a tricky chap to make in Rubber, as his turned head causes casting difficulties. Hence, this one is only a sample : (

He is available to order in this lovely Dapple Grey,

with delivery in Feb/March 2019

He is priced at only £99.00

which includes VAT, but not P&P.

DSCF3001-small l am actually really pleased with how he has come out, but l think l will have to make new moulds to make his production process smoother : ( 

















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