Welcome to Animal Artistry

The idea of Animal Artistry was born in 1983 and started as a business on 1 August 1984. Therefore August 2019 heralds the start of the 35th Anniversary, and l hope to be available to celebrate the Animal Artistry Golden Jubilee in 2034!

Animal Artistry has always been a showcase for my own sculptures – I am Donna Chaney – I started with mainly dogs in 1984 and proceeded to concentrate more exclusively on horses and ponies, which are my first love.


As a small child I used to draw and sculpt horses, endowing them with life and character to fulfil my dream of a real horse. Alas, I had to wait until I was 27 years old before that dream would come true. I have attended Art College for 2 years, where I enjoyed Life Drawing and History of Art, but my equine sculpting is largely self?taught by much trial and even more error 🙂

ln 2007 l started to learn the dark art of working with Ceramics, specialising in Fine Bone China. As l have gained confidence in this medium, Animal Artistry can now offer to manufacture sculptures for other artists, which is an exciting diversification for the business.