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  • Dartmoor Stallion


    Dartmoor Pony Stallion. This mini sized Dartmoor Pony stallion is available cast in resin as part of a Limited Edition of 250 copies Worldwide. His dimensions are 8 x 8 cm including his base.

  • Exmoor Pony


    Exmoor Pony Mare. This mini representation of an Exmoor Pony mare is cast in resin and offered as part of a Limited Edition of 250 copies Worldwide. Although designed as an exmoor pony, she can also pass as other pony types, although her brand would need to be removed from her shoulder. Her dimensions are…

  • Riding Pony Mare


    Trotting Mare. This is a resin casting of an attractive Show Pony Mare. She is available in an open edition of a one mould run, so there is unlikely to be more than 50 copies made in total. Her dimensions are 12 x 17.5 cm.

  • Shetland Mare with Halter


    Walking Pony mare. This lovely Shetland Pony mare is currently available cast in resin. There has been a previous version without the halter, but she is discontinued now. This version is limited to a one mould run, so there will be approximately 50- 70 copies made at the most. Her dimensions are 9.5 x 15…

  • Shetland Mare with Halter


    Shetland Pony with Halter (no Jack Russell) This lovely Shetland Pony Mare is available on her own, or there is a second version with a Jack Russell Terrier or a Lancershire Heeler.

  • Working Hunter Pony Gelding


    Standing Pony. This charming little Working Hunter Pony is available in resin as part of an Open Edition, of only a one mould run, so it is unlikely that more than 50 copies would be made. He is soon to be discontinued, so do not hesitate if you would like a copy of him. His…