Cats & Dogs

When Animal Artistry first started in 1984 most of the sculptures made were of Dogs. This was my shrewd business plan, as l realised that the rarer Dog Breeds were not represented in model form.

My speciality was to make the rarer breeds and sell them to the Dog Breed Clubs. I started with Norwich Terriers, Norwegian Buhunds and Lancashire Heelers. This all went well, and I started to export Dog models to USA via “Dog lnk” Eventually I started to make more commercial breeds and the business was going well.

However, horses were my main passion, and I was eager to concentrate on trying to make a living making them. l began to spend more time on the horses, and eventually became known to the Model Horse Showing community………….then at last I realised that Il could concentrate on the horses and fulfil my creative desires.

Therefore, my current range of Dogs and cats is very limited, although I do intend to reproduce some of my favourite resin Dog sculptures in china in the future.

2014 update: the sitting Border Collie Bitch is now available in china.
Pictured here is my Limited Edition “Manchester Magic”.
Due to a recent surge in interest l have been making quite a few of these recently.
The edition is limited to 50 copies only Worldwide and it is cast in resin.
Each copy is painted and assembled by hand and they retail for £270.00 including VAT.
Delivery has to be arranged as they are too fragile to post.