Connoisseurs’ Club

Every year since 1997 there has been a special Animal Artistry Connoisseurs’ Club Model. Some years there has been both a resin and a china one, but for the last two years, owing to the take over of Alchemy Ceramics l have only been able to offer a china one.

  At the Eleventh Hour, 59th minute the  2015 Animal Artistry Connoisseurs’ Club edition is available : )

“Rosalynd” is a Unicorn variation of the very popular “Venus”.

She has a more Luxuriant mane and tail, extra leg feathering plus of course, a horn and a dainty beard.

She is made from Fine Bone China and is finished in classic unicorn white with a Satin Glaze.

At her feet is her constant kitty companion, decorated as a  Silver Tabby.

ln the standard finish, they cost only £125.00 each, plus £8.00 P&P.

(However, if you are based in Europe, VAT at 20% will have to be added to this total)

Custom colours will be available (POA), plus, you may request a silver or gold horn and hooves.

As this is very late in the year to launching a CC model, do not worry that you will not receive the benifits for the full 12 months………… is never based on a set year, but a year from when you join : )

As well as receiving a beautiful model horse, membership benefits are a 5% discount on all future purchases throughout the year. There is also an option to buy Show Special models and other SR’s directly from me, rather than having to attend the shows in question.

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