Other Types - Resin

  • Gypsy Cob


    Gypsy Cob Gelding. This appealing Gypsy Cob Gelding is available cast in resin as part of an open numbered edition. He is a lovely chunky horse and is attractive in a whole range of colours. His dimensions are 18 x 18 cm.

  • Mule


    Walking Mule. This is a mini representative of a patient hardworking Mule. He is available cast in resin as part of a Limited Edition of only 250 copies Worldwide. His dimensions are 8 x 9.5 cm including his base.

  • Rocking Horse


    Victorian Bow Rocking Horse. This delightful Victorian style Rocking Horse has been cast in resin and is available as an open edition of a one mould run. lt is unlikely that there will be more than 50 copies made. The horse and rockers are cast separately, and will be supplied apart, unless specifically requested that…