Bone China and Earthenware Horses

Most of the Animal Artistry Range of Horses and Ponies are available in both Bone China and Earthenware china. Usually a sculpture will be released in resin, and after a few months it will then be available in china.

Due to the delicacy of some of the horses, they are not ideally suited to Earthenware china as they would be inclined to chip or break. The Arabian Filly foals’ legs are so fine that the earthenware slip is reluctant to fill the mould, as it is being absorbed before it gets to her knee or hock.

All of the Horses and Ponies that are currently available can be found in the Menu to your left. Generally you will have to order your Animal Artistry Horse or Pony as we rarely carry much stock. The only exception to this is the Retail Therapy Page…………….they are all ready to send out immediately : )