Bone China Standard and Custom Colours

The “standard and custom”colours within the Bone China Range can be slightly confusing. If an particular sculpture has been released as a “regular” run colour, then this is often referred to that models “standard” colour, even though the colour in question may be a dapple, appaloosa, roan or pinto.


The classic range of limited edition horses all had set standard colours allotted to them at the beginning of the editions, but due to the change of circumstances within Alchemy Ceramics these are no longer adhered to. Generally they were solid colours, and would therefore fit in with the resin system of standard and custom colours. Link to “Resin Standard and Custom Colours”.


Any “one off” colour painted onto any Bone China or earthenware horse now will be referred to as a “custom” colour, even though it may be a solid colour. lf an edition is released of a dappled horse for example the 2009 china Animal Artistry Connoisseur Club “Tagus” (LINK) in this instance that dappled grey would be his standard colour, as that is the only one he has been released in as an edition.