European Breeds - Resin

  • Hackney Mare


    Trotting Hackney mare. This dynamic Hackney Mare is a mini representative of this most impressive harness horse. This expressive mare is shown in the characteristic exaggerated trot that is looked for in this breed. She is available in resin as part of an edition of only 250 copies worldwide. Her dimensions are 9 x 9.5…

  • Irish Draught


    lrish Draught Mare This is a very popular “All Rounder” horse, suitable for so many uses. Well built, but still athletic and with a good attitude for all the equine tasks it may be asked to perform. This Mare is available cast in resin and is part of a open numbered edition. Her dimensions are…

  • Lipizzaner stallion


    Lipizzaner Stallion in Piaffe This mini representation of a handsome Lipizzaner is performing the classic High School movement the “Piaffe”. This was one of the first mini resin horses that l produced, and he is still very popular. He is available in resin as part of a Limited Edition of 250 copies Worldwide, and only…